Our Origins

One of the first hotels in Pinzolo, built in 1870. It has the honour of being cited in the “Italian Alps” guidebook published in London in 1875 by Douglas W. Freshfield, one of the first explorers of the Alps and Dolomites, who wrote:


“I have only briefly described the varied attractions of Pinzolo and its immediate surroundings, leaving each visitor the joy of discovering these for replicas relojes themselves. But looking back I realize that I have neglected what should have been given greatest emphasis in my description. Many British travellers are in agreement with Dr. Johnson in believing that even the most beautiful landscape in the world is improved by the presence of a good hotel in the close vicinity. I realize that it is too late to assign this status to the Bonapace family, but I will do my best to redress this failing by describing it now and in detail”.


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